Excel Kids

Our “Tender Feet” kids encompasses children 6 months to Pre-Kindergarten. Each age has a separate class. Tender Feet are promoted to the next class on their birthday except children who will be going to Kindergarten.

They will move up on Promotion Sunday (first Sunday in June), at which time they will join our “Journey Kids” (Kindergarten to 5th Grade) program. Graduating 5th Graders will join our “Discover 612” (6th Grade – 12 Grade) Excel Youth Program.

All children must be checked in before going to class each service. This allows for a safe release following service as well as adequate Teacher staffing of the classrooms. Each child will receive a nametag and a class card, while each parent will receive an alphanumeric receipt necessary to retrieve your child(ren) from class. Check-in is open from 9:30am – 10:15am on Sundays and children need to be dropped off in their classrooms by 10:30am. On Wednesdays Check-in is open from 6:30pm – 7:30pm and children need to be dropped off in their classrooms by 7:45pm. Any children not checked in and in their classrooms on time will need to sit in the sanctuary with their parents.

Once your child has been signed into Excel Kids, they are ready to go to class. For safety reasons, children must be accompanied to and from class by a parent, guardian, or other responsible party at least 16 years of age. Once a child has been checked into class their responsible party must not leave church property. If an emergency situation were to arise we would need the ability to quickly contact you.

We understand that sometimes parents would like to make sure their child is doing fine in class, especially those with very young children or new visitors. You are welcome to check on your child at any time, but to avoid distracting them, we ask that you do it discreetly and try not to let them see you. Our younger classes have a window cut-out to allow you to check on them when needed.

By policy, children are ONLY released to the parent or guardian who presents their child’s matching alphanumeric receipt. If you happen to lose your receipt, your child’s Teacher will call the Excel Kids’ Supervisor. The Supervisor may ask to verify your identification by ID and/or by looking you up in the computer system.

For the protection of all the children in our ministry we cannot accept children who are experiencing: non-clear drainage from nose and eyes, fever of 100 degrees or above, vomiting or diarrhea, inflamed mouth and/or throat, ringworm, chicken pox or head lice. We request that you not place your child in Excel Kids while they are experiencing illness symptoms. Thank you for helping us keep Excel Kids a healthy place for all.

At times, we will need to have a parent come to a classroom during service. The reason for this may be that the child is ill, hurt, or an infant may be inconsolable. We really try to avoid pulling parents out of service unless it is necessary. In the event that you are needed, the Supervisor will ask the Media Department to post your child’s name on the screen asking you to go to their classroom.

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