"The most valuable commodity for the middle class is properly managed credit."-D.Raines

Understand Your Credit

The Fair, Isaac and Co (FICO) Score: How it's calculated. How it affects you. How you can improve it.

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Credit bureau scores are often called "FICO scores" because most credit bureau scores used in the US are produced from software developed by Fair, Isaac and Company (FICO). FICO scores are provided to lenders by the three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union.....

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Cafe Credit

The frustration that comes with bad credit is irritating...it’s much worse when it isn’t even your fault(i.e. stolen credit card or ompanies making a few honest mistakes in your credit history). If you’re dealing with credit problems because of someone else’s mistake, this information is just for you.....

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Credit Disputes


When you spot a mistake in your credit history, you can dispute it. When you decide to do this, you’ll have to send a complaint to the three credit bureaus, as well as one to the creditor. We’re used to doing things online. When it comes to disputes, it turns out that paper is better. Sending a written complaint with certified mail with receipt return requested. Instead of using the forms they (the credit bureaus) suggest, write a letter with evidence to support your claims. All of this will be helpful if you ever need to prove this process in court. Here’s a sample letter for disputing credit report errors (from FTC)....

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