Bookstore Team

Assist with the sale of books, cds, dvds, and gift items.  Also handles duplication of CDs and DVDs for sales and distribution. For more information please contact us.

Clergy Services Team

Responsible for ministering and providing ceremonies for families such as baby dedications, water baptisms, and homegoing services. Led by Elder Anthony Moore.  For more information contact us.

eTeams (Department Services Office - DSO)

Responsible for assisting and supporting all volunteer departments and ministries.  Led by Elders Darnell & Sonya Lemons. For more information please contact us.

Events Team

Responsible for planning, organizing, decorating, and overseeing events.  For more information please contact us.


Dynamic groups that provide Jesus class and age appropriate ministry to our children.  Led by Deacon Ossie Jackson as the Coordinator.  For more information contact us.


Ministry team that provides wisdom, compassion and care to our Youth. Led by Minister Nikki Wright.  For more information contact us.

Greeters Team

Provides a warm welcome and general directional information as people enter the building.  Led by Janice Davis. For more information please contact us.

Hearts for the House (HFTH)

Charged with the upkeep and maintenance of our facilities. For more information please contact us.

Intercessory Prayer Team

Vital ministry who have been called to undergird the initiatives, vision, and visionary of EXCEL Church with prayer. Led by Elder Sonya Lemons.  For more information contact us.

Media Team

Responsible for producing sound and video for each service and event.  Led by Natisha Mathis. For more information please contact us.

Member Relations Team

A faithful team of elders, ministers, and deacons who avail themselves to the congregants during times of need.  Led by Elders Anthony and Loreatha Moore.  For more information contact us.

Music Team

Leads congregants in praise and worship, directs band, choir, and other music/singing groups. Led by Minister Cici Carter and Bob Barrett.  For more information contact us.

Parking Lot Team

Assists congregants in finding parking at our facilities.  Led by Ulysee James. For more information please contact us.

Ushers Team

Serves the congregation during service.  Led by James and Marcella Braxton. For more information please contact us.

Seniors Outreach Team

A diligent group that provides ministry, dignity, cheer, and activities to seniors in two local senior facilities. Led by Deacons Larry and Annie Gray.  For more information contact us.

Church Center

We use Planning Center’s Church Center for our volunteer scheduling system. In Church Center volunteers can go to “My Schedule” under their profile to view their schedules, update their Team Leader when they are unable to serve, and much more.

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Volunteer Teams

At EXCEL Church, we have several teams that allow you to use your gifts and abilities.

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Volunteer Teams

Not sure what team you want to join?  Let us know and we will help you select the team that is right for you!

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