Excel Youth

We believe the goal of Excel Youth’s Discover 612 is to help the youth discover who they are in Christ and their purpose in life.

Our vision is to be a thriving community of good people strategically developing our youth into becoming skillfulproductive, and fruitful adults with a Christian worldview.

We purpose to love, teach, support, model, and bless our young people in every encounter in an effort to guide them into discovering their God given identity. Strategic areas of study and impartation sessions have been implemented to develop essential life skills necessary to live successfully as a person with a Christian worldview.

The Youth Ministry is divided into two groups, Middle and High School. Each group is then subdivided by grade.

Middle School: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.
Their routine gatherings are held during Wednesday night and Sunday morning services.

High School: 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.
Their routine youth ministry gatherings are held on Wednesday nights, but will be in the main sanctuary on Sunday mornings.

***These routine gatherings will be divided by grade in both the Middle School and High School.

The Youth Ministry “School-year Program” calendar will run September – May each year. June, July, and August will be our “Summer Program” which is a modified version of our standard program. Students will be promoted the first service day of every June. Except on rare occasions, students will always be in The Youth Ministry “grade” that corresponds to the “grade” that they should be in their schools. There may be exceptions to this rule.

The culture of The Youth Ministry is essential in its survival and success. Our youth leaders are dedicated and proactive in establishing and maintaining an environment that is conducive to transformation and growth.

We define culture as:

  • The integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations
  • The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization

Here are the 10 Elements of The Youth Ministry Culture

1. Come as You Are
The Youth Ministry values people for who they are, NOT for what they do.

2. Care and Compassion
The Youth Ministry aims to place the needs and concerns of others above our own.

3. Respect, Dignity, and Kindness
The Youth Ministry must be filled with friends.

4. Safe-Haven and Acceptance
The Youth Ministry is an aggression free, intimidation free, and negativity free zone.

5. Condemn Not the World
The Youth Ministry expresses love to everyone because they are entitled to love, not just when they are deserving of it.

6. Love Not the World
The Youth Ministry lives mindful that we are in this world, but not of it.

7. Heart Matters Most
The Youth Ministry puts more weight on the heart.

8. Trust
The Youth Ministry is consistent in demonstrating worthy living that produces responsibility, reliability, and predictability.

9. Righteousness and Honor
The Youth Ministry purposes to, “Do what’s right because it’s right, and do it right.”

10. The Word is First
The Youth Ministry’s heart calls, “Nothing else matters but God.”

1. Instruction
Each and every class, activity, and function of the Youth Ministry will seek to impart Wisdom and Understanding of God’s Word.

2. Example
Each and every member of the Youth Ministry team will be genuine “living epistles” before our youth, providing them a reflection of the character of Christ that they might otherwise have no opportunity to see.

3. Blessing
Each and every member of the Youth Ministry team will live a life of consecration to God that will have a tangible impact upon our youth so that the passion and hunger for a Godly Life is “caught,” not just taught.

4. Love
Each and every interaction with each and every youth must spring from the character of Love, so that an impact greater than words will be felt. All of our team must take every measure to be patient and longsuffering in their love- walk at all times.

5. Support
Each and every youth is connected to some family in some way. Therefore, it is imperative that our staff be dedicated to support the family unit as a whole.

1. Complement
Our mission is to complement the teachings of our Pastors in a practical manner for youth in their respective age groups.

2. Supplement
Our mission is to supplement the teaching, training, and Godly example that our youth receive at home from their families, reinforcing the standards and attributes of a Bible-based Christian home.

3. Environment
Our mission is to create a pleasant, warm, and safe environment for our youth to receive impartation and instruction from God’s Word. Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining an atmosphere that is free from aggression, intimidation, and negativity both from our staff and other youth.

4. Empowerment
Our mission is to impart empowerment for youth to live victorious lives in their schools, neighborhoods, and homes, even where God’s Word and Love do not take precedence.

5. Investment
Our mission is to make an investment in our youth during their key developmental years that will yield a productive return throughout their lives. We endeavor to be “remarkable” in the lives of our youth, making an impression that will remembered for decades to come.

Youth Ministry Identity

One of the on-going obstacles to effective ministry to youth is balancing the roles of evangelism (persuading young people to make a decision to take the initial step of giving their lives to God) and discipleship (developing young people, who have already made a decision to live for Christ, into mature servants of God). It is our goal to address both needs within the Youth Ministry without allowing the demand for one to undermine the other.

Therefore, we take efforts to alter the group dynamics in The Youth Ministry through the taking on of an identity of being an “official” part of The Youth Ministry. Although all youth can attend and participate in activities and programs, only those that have “joined” can be considered an official part of The Youth Ministry. Youth can join at any time after a confirmed and understood public confession of the following before the entire youth ministry.

The Four Commitments

“I am a Believer in Jesus Christ. I have a deep personal faith in Him. I have given Him my life, confessed Him as my Lord, and I am born-again.”

“I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ. I am committed to follow Him and live by His example. I will continue to learn God’s Word and apply it to my Life.”

“I am an Ambassador for Christ. I represent his love, His power, His light, and His faith everywhere I go. Wherever and whenever people observe me, they will see that God is real in my life, be it in my home, among my peers, or in my community.”

“I am a Servant of Jesus Christ. I am committed to His work and plan for my life. I will continue to seek His will for my life and dedicate myself to discovering and fulfilling His purpose for me. I serve Him through serving others.”