Journey Kids

What to Expect

A Place where your child’s “Journey” of the Knowledge and Understanding of God’s Word is launched, nurtured, and cultivated.

Journey Kids is founded upon Proverbs 3:13,
“Happy is the man that findeth Wisdom, and the man that getteth Understanding.”

We endeavor to provide your child with all the necessary ingredients to assist them in developing in the Word and growing into strong, faithful, mature Christians.

Journey Kids has a concentrated area of study designed to engage, educate, and inspire them as they grow in the knowledge of God’s Will for their lives.


Age Groups
Journey Kids encompasses children 3 Years Old through 5th Grade.  Journey Kids students are promoted to the next grade level at the end of each scholastic school year. All grades move up on Promotion Sunday (first Sunday in June), at which time graduating 5th graders will join our Excel Youth program called Discover 612.

All children must be signed in before going to class each service. This allows for a safe release following service as well as adequate Teacher staffing of the classrooms. Each child will receive a nametag and a class card, while each parent will receive an alphanumeric receipt necessary to retrieve your child(ren) from class. Check-in is open from 9:30am – 10:15am on Sundays and children need to be dropped off in their classrooms by 10:30am. On Wednesdays Check-in is open from 6:30pm – 7:30pm and children need to be dropped off in their classrooms by 7:45pm. Any children not checked in and in their classrooms on time will need to sit in the sanctuary with their parents.

Classroom Check-In
Once your child has been signed into Excel Kids, they are ready to go to class. For safety reasons, children must be accompanied to and from class by a parent, guardian, or other responsible party at least 16 years of age. Once a child has been checked into class their responsible party must not leave church property. If an emergency situation were to arise we would need the ability to quickly contact you.

Checking on Your Child
Lower and Upper Elementary-aged children are less likely to require parental observation during service times. We do however, understand that sometimes first-time visitors may feel the need to make sure their child is doing fine in class. You are welcome to check on your child by locating the Excel Kids Service Supervisor and inquiring of your child’s status. In the event you would like to see your child, the Supervisor will gladly pull your child from class to avoid distracting the other students and disrupting the flow of class.

Classroom Check-Out
By policy, children are ONLY released to the parent or guardian who presents their child’s matching alphanumeric receipt. If you happen to lose your receipt, your child’s Teacher will call the Excel Kids Service Supervisor. The Supervisor may ask to verify your identification by ID and/or by looking you up in the computer system.

Well Child Policy
For the protection of all the children in Excel Kids we cannot accept children who are experiencing: non-clear drainage from nose and eyes, fever of 100 degrees or above, vomiting or diarrhea, inflamed mouth and/or throat, ringworm, chicken pox or head lice. We request that you not place your child in Excel Kids while they are experiencing illness symptoms. Thank you for helping us keep Excel Kids a healthy place for all.

Journey Kids students are encouraged to exercise self-discipline and make right choices. Children are given clear, age-appropriate, rules to follow in the form of standard classroom rules. Each teacher encourages positive behavior with redirection and restatement of the classroom rules when necessary. In the event a child displays disregard for basic classroom expectations, including but not limited to overly aggressive behaviors, the service supervisor will be called to speak to the student a part from the class. If further correction becomes necessary, the parent or guardian will be contacted. Under no circumstances will verbal threats, corporal or physical punishment be used. Be reminded of our mission and commitment to create a pleasant, warm, and safe environment for our children to receive impartation and instruction from God’s Word. We are committed to maintaining an atmosphere that is free from aggression, intimidation, and negativity, especially from our teachers.

Contacting Parents During Service
In the rare instance a parent is called to a classroom during service, your students’ name and location will appear on the service screens with a request for the parent to go to that location. Reasons a parent may be called to a classroom vary. It may be that the child is ill, hurt, or exhibiting extreme or inconsolable behaviors. We avoid pulling parents out of service unless it is absolutely necessary. It is our goal to take extreme care of the children with the full confidence of each parent or guardian, allowing them the opportunity of an enjoyable service.

Snacks are provided each service. Snack options vary and include a variety of healthier alternatives to snacks higher in sugar content. As a beverage we offer water in classes, with juice as an option for higher grades Parents are encouraged to provide snack for children with food allergies or who have restricted diets. As a practice, non-sweet snacks are provided for students allergic to sugar.

Mission Statement

1. Complement 
Our mission is to complement the teachings of the Pastors in a practical manner for children in their respective age groups.

2. Supplement 
Our mission is to supplement the teaching, training, and Godly example that our children receive at home from their families, reinforcing the standards and attributes of a Bible-based Christian home.

3. Environment 
Our mission is to create a pleasant, warm, and safe environment for our children to receive impartation and instruction from God’s Word. Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining an atmosphere that is free from aggression, intimidation, and negativity both from our staff and other children.

4. Empowerment 
Our mission is to impart empowerment for children to live victorious lives in their schools, neighborhoods, and homes, even where God’s Word and love do not take precedence.

5. Investment 
Our mission is to make an investment in our children during their key developmental years that will yield a productive return throughout their lives. We endeavor to be “remarkable” in the lives of our children, making an impression that will be remembered for decades to come.


Each class includes: praise and worship, offering, confessions, lesson, memory verses, and a craft or other lesson related activity.

“Journey Kids” is rooted in Proverbs 3:13. Likewise, the Journey Kids Curriculum takes your child on a joyful exploratory journey through the Bible, in pursuit of Wisdom and Understanding.

We firmly believe that Wisdom is the principle thing and must be sought with all diligence. We begin our courses of study with Kindergarten and skillfully progress through 5th grade; assisting children in uncovering the mysteries of God. We aim to accomplish this with age-appropriate lessons that will not only be comprehended, but also keep their interest. It is our earnest desire to nurture your child’s faith as they embark upon the journey in God’s Word.


Kindergarten begins their adventure with unveiling truth in the books of the Law; Songs, Poetry, and Wisdom. The children trek from Egypt through the wilderness with Moses the Law Giver, then sojourn in the vast knowledge, counsel, and love of God as they enter into a detailed study on Psalms and Proverbs. The children will also discover interesting Bible facts during an extensive teaching of the Old and New Testament Books of the Bible.


First Grade revisits the “Ministry of Jesus” with a step-by-step journey through actual accounts of the parables of Jesus and His miracles. The children will marvel at Jesus’ life and acts and discover the events surrounding His death, burial, and resurrection. They will conclude their exploration with an in-depth study of Jesus’ final days on Earth.


Second grade will set out on a journey filled with self-discovery as they peel back the layers and many facets of the Fruit of the Spirit. The children will learn what it means to be made in the image and likeness of God and will, layer by layer, uncover the Aspects of Godly Character.


Third grade continues their exploration as they embark on a study of “Christian Discipleship”. We want to impart into them foundational Christian understandings that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. This exploratory journey will cover such topics as: Prayer, Fasting, Baptisms, Praise and Worship, and much more. At the completion of this teaching, your child will have thorough and useful understanding of what it means to be Disciples of Christ.


Fourth Grade examines the fine detail of “The Covenants of God”. God’s true Nature and Will unfolds as the kids dig into God’s Covenants with His people brings them greater Knowledge and Understanding of God’s individual plan for each of their lives. The kids draw closer to God on this Journey for truth concerning His thoughts towards them.


Fifth Grade will end their Journey with learning about Excel Church. They will learn of the early church of Acts as well as open up our Core Values. These kids will hit rock when all their discoveries lead them to the same findings and place as all of Jesus’ faithful, truth-seeking disciples before them, SERVANTHOOD! This study will also take your child through preparation for Excel Youth and catapult them into long life lived in the Word!

Lesson Overviews

The Journey Kids Curriculum offers a rich and challenging adventure into Biblical truth and presents practical life applications with Wisdom, Understanding, and Revelation Knowledge. Each lesson, 3 Year Old through 5th grade, includes an objective; background scriptures; memory verse; in-depth outline; definitions; object lessons; confessions of faith; and a craft, game, or activity to reinforce learning.

We are extremely excited about our new curriculum that we are using to teach EXCEL Kids.  You can follow along with your kids by downloading Parent Cue App.  This app allows you as a parent to follow along with your child’s weekly lessons and to access parental resources..  The app gives you tools to help your kids remember what was taught. With this app parents will be empowered to make important deposits into their children from infancy through 5th grade. You won’t want to miss out on this amazing resource.

Scan the QR Code below to download the free Parent Cue App available on IOS and Android devices.

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Proverbs 18:21 says, death and life are in the power of the tongue. Words are very powerful and can affect your life and your child’s life. In Journey Kids we empower your kids to live fruitful productive lives in Christ.

We teach them early how to speak life over themselves, their family members, and over every situation that may arise. We teach them to walk in Spiritual Authority and to use confessions to bring the Word of God to pass.