Member Relations Team

At EXCEL Church our vision is to EXCEL in God and EXCEL in life.  Our EXCEL Member Relations Team is a group of appointed, anointed, mature, experienced leaders. Whether you are in need of counseling, clergy services (baby dedications, baptisms, weddings and home goings), prayer, or other care services such as hospital visits, bereavement, or benevolence, our Member Relations Team is here to serve you. They will listen with an ear to understand, pray in agreement with your faith, serve in times of celebration and times of concern, and direct you to God and the application of His Word for your situation.

In our efforts to excel, we sometimes have to navigate through difficult circumstances. These difficulties may be spiritual, relational, physical, or financial. Whatever the circumstances are, we do not have to navigate them alone. God has put us in a body of believers to receive encouragement, support, and guidance during these times.

Care Services

Our Member Relations Team is available to pray for and assist you. If you have a need for prayer, hospital visitation, bereavement assistance, or other member care concerns, please click “More Information” below or call us at 904.376-7474.

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Counseling Services

EXCEL Church is pleased to provide counseling to all active members. Our areas of counseling include pre-marital, marriage, family, men’s issues, women’s issues, financial, spiritual issues, and advisory/direction. Our team of counselors includes Duval County certified Premarital Counselors, Elders, Deacons, and Ministers. We assist people in finding the Will of God in order to make godly decisions. Please contact our Counseling Team now.

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Clergy Services

Our Clergy Services Ministry is available to serve you and your family throughout the varying transitions of life. From the new beginnings of Baby Dedication, to Water Baptism, through the ultimate life transitions of Homegoing Services. Feel free to contact our capable and loving Clergy Services Ministry.

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Community Resources

There are many great organizations throughout the city of Jacksonville that provide numerous services. See our list of Community Resources for information on other local agencies and organizations if you need immediate emergency resources or services.

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Prayer Request

Please feel free to share your Prayer Requests with us. We have a team of intercessors who would love to come into agreement with you for whatever you are believing God for.

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Suicide Prevention Lifeline

We understand that life can be very difficult to process at times.   However, it’s important to know that you matter to God and to us.  So we plead with you to speak to with a counselor.  The number below is to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  They have resources and counselors available for you to talk with via the phone or chat online.  Professional and confidential help is available.

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